Original Oil Paintings

All paintings pictured below are for sale, while some might have sold, I can recreate the piece through a commission. Please see the additional sections below for more information on custom ordering. Click an image below to enlarge the painting and learn more about the piece.
Commissions include 11 x 14 mock-ups, which are used to align all parties on color and orientation. Once that is decided upon, the mock-up will be transfered to the final piece.
All pieces are typically custom framed by me in poplar wood that is painted a color that enhances the painting (black, white, gold, stained gray, etc). I can exclude this upon your request. The painting can have a finish such as a varnish or epoxy. I will make recommendations based on the piece, but this is also a personal preference and can be excluded if desired. If you see something you like but need a different size, color, or orientation, I can accomodate all those requests in a commission as well.
The frame and finish are optional portions and will lower the price if you decide these aren't necessary. A 50% deposit is required on commissions, and the remainder will be due on delivery.